Learn Russian in Moscow

Learn Russian in Moscow

We believe that delivering high quality courses while allowing you to experience the Russian Culture and the exciting life of Moscow – the city that never sleeps – is key to your success!

Why is Moscow the best place to learn Russian?

Moscow is the capital of Russia, the center of Russian Culture and Russian Language.

  1. Moscow is the Heart of Russia

    Here you find Russia’s most important Theatre, Church, University, Museums and more.

  2. Moscow speaks proper Russian

    What you learn in class, you’ll hear and read on the streets. Don’t worry with local dialects and accents.

  3. Moscow is the city of opportunities

    Find new friends, business opportunities or network with people from all over Russia and the World.

  4. Moscow is full of Tourist Attractions

    Visit the Kremlin, Red Square, MGU, Seven Sisters Skyscrapers, Novodevichy cementery, etc.

  5. Do it like a Muscovite

    Enjoy the city’s caf├ęs, clubs, museums, theatres, cinemas, restaurants and parks.

  6. Visit other Russian Cities

    With short 3-days-trips you can discover St. Petersburg and other cities around Moscow.

  7. Natural Russian Language Environment

    Immerse yourself in daily Russian life, practice what you have learned, observe how Russians speak.

  8. Nothing compares to Moscow

    Believe us, there is no second city to Learn Russian like Moscow on this planet!

When are you coming to Moscow?