Learn Russian in Russia

Learn Russian in Russia

A complete immersion in the Russian Language and Culture on a daily basis in Russia will help you doing rapid and deeper progress than in your home country.

Why is Russia the best place to learn Russian?

If you really want to learn Russian and to understand Russia, there is only one place you should go – Russia!

  1. Russia is the biggest country in the World

    With one visa you can travel a country bigger than the European Union and the USA together.

  2. Russian Native Speakers

    In no other countries you’ll be constantly in touch with so many native Russian speakers.

  3. Russians speak Standard Russian

    If you learn Russian outside Russia, you risk to pick up wrong language use, funny accents or dialects.

  4. Russian Language is evolving and vivid

    Make sure to learn the Russian that is really spoken and used in Russia at present age.

  5. Russian Language and Culture are intertwined

    Living in a Russian environment will help you to learn Russian and to understand the Russian mentality.

  6. Great Russian Literature

    Learn Russian, visit spots from different Novels and you’ll feel closer to the great Russian writers.

  7. Russian Traditions and Holidays

    When studying Russian in Russia, you can discover Russian Traditions and celebrate Russian Holidays.

  8. Russia – Three Treasures make the Country

    It’s people, it’s nature and it’s opportunities. And yep, it’s the biggest country on earth – Number one!

When are you coming to Russia?