Russian Privat Lessons in Moscow

Russian Privat Lessons in Moscow

We believe that private Russian lessons are great to develop a deeper understanding of the Russian Language and Culture in a short time.

Russian Private Classes and Group Courses

By taking only Private Tuition, you miss the benefit of group interaction. This is why our school offers you the possibility of mixing Russian group course with one-to-one lessons.

  1. Private classes are very flexible

    Just let your teacher know about changes and you can arrange a different date or hour for your class.

  2. You learn at your own pace

    It is never too slow or too fast, you are your own driver, the teacher adapts to your needs.

  3. You can choose the subjects

    Whether you need Russian for business, scientific purposes, studies or just to travel around Russia.

  4. You can bring your own material

    The teacher will prepare for you a tailored made lesson, focus on your needs and weak points.

  5. Russian Homework helper

    Covering the topics seen in class with your teacher will make your homework easier and more efficient.

  6. TORFL / TRKI – Test practice

    Private lessons prepare you for the TRKI test, by working on all the aspects of the test.

  7. You will improve your confidence in Russian

    Your teacher will help you developing your speaking potential, giving you more confidence outside school.

  8. Private lessons are more intensive

    There is less distraction, less wasted time in private lessons. It’s only you and the teacher.

You want to learn Russian the fast and fun way?

Then you should add Privat lessons to your agenda. Private Classes are all about you! Your personal Private Teacher will focus on what matters to you the most.